Lesson Plans

Preschool Garden Lesson Plans-- Reggio-inspired, arts-based, ecologically sound, preschool tested.

Discovering Birds​

Subject: Nature & Science
Grade: Pre School ages 3 through 5
Estimated Time: 1 ½ hours
Set Up: 8 minutes
Instruction Time: 8 minutes
Activity: 30 minutes
Assessment 45 minutes (observe, data, take photos, record data on Galileo website and create documentation panel)

Learning Objective: Given tools and agreed upon criteria for observation, the student will orally describe his/her observation of birds found in an outdoor setting.

Water, absorption, and the scientific method


Subject: Science
Grade: Pre School ages 3 through 5
Estimated Time:  1 hour 45 minutes
Set - Up: 10 Minutes
Instruction:  10 Minutes
Activity: 25 Minutes
Assessment: 1 hour (Observe / Collect Data, take photos)
Learning Objective: Given tools and a variety of objects, the student will use the scientific method to ask questions, predict, explain, and draw conclusions about objects that absorb water.

The Fruits of Our Labor​

Coming soon...

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I am a life-long student and long-time educator. This site gives witness to the things that pollute our lives, from media to medicines; water, air, and all the other things we may not know about. It also provides positive actions you can take personally. Finally, it shares a hopeful vision of going forward for you, your loved ones, and the earth.  

You can learn more about me here.

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