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Resources for managing your emotions.

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7 Ways to Practice Emotional First Aid

7 ways to reboot your emotional health. Simple. Effective.


A Mind Divided the Technology of Gratitude 

From someone living with bi-polar, this essay is informative and incredible.


The Brain on Hope— Lessons from Chilean Rescue

Hope will convert brainpower into winning answers. It doesn't get much clearer than that.


Differences in Brain Chemistry Could Explain Resilience to Traumatic Stress

This article and investigation is all about finding drugs to help people who otherwise have a brain chemistry that makes them more susceptible than others to post traumatic stress, depression and other mental and emotional disorders when faced with adversity. I'm anti-drug, especially for anyone coping with chemical sensitivity (drugs can make it exponentially worse), but the research is informative nevertheless.


How Kindness Changes the Brain

Starting from the premise that we are "wired" for kindness, this article breifly explains that we can change our habits and behaviors, even those that are negative. They can be replaced with positive ones, selfish ones with kind ones, suspicion with trust, hostility with empathy and complaints with gratitude.


In Your Head: This is Your Brain on Love

Wonderful graphical article on how your brain changes as it experiences love proving that you can consciously direct your brain to enhance those feelings. 


Neuroplasticity: Changing Our Belief About Change

Daily Good is one of my daily, go-to websites for news on the positive side. This article succinctly and simply explains neuroplasticity.