Manage Your Thinking

Resources for building your skills like critical thinking, problem solving memory building, study, reading, communicating skills, mindfulness, meditation, imagination, creativity and curiosity.

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Beyond Feelings, A Guide to Critical Thinking

This book gives you information on the psychological, philosophical, and social context in which critical thinking takes place and describes the habits and attitudes that enhance such thinking. It will also help you recognize and overcome common errors in thinking. Finally, it provides a step-by-step strategy for dealing with issues. Extremely valuable for leaning how to think for yourself.


Critical Thinking

This is a website full of information on critical thinking and resources.


How to Rewire Your Brain 

It is possible to learn new habits by training your brain. More importantly, it is possible to overcome deficiencies, disabilities, and damage by performing specific exercises. This article gives an overview of how.


Keep Your Brain Alive

Another website devoted to helping you understand how your brain works. There's a book you can buy, too.


Learning to Learn, Developing Critical Thinking Skills

This document is the one the University of Sydney provides to students during orientation so they can understand what's expected of them in terms of thinking. Easy to follow and understand and implement.


The Limbic System 

Good overview of the brain with pictures and graphs. Helpful for understanding how the structure of the brain is affected when you start learning about chemicals and the brain. It's like knowing how your fingers are attached to your hand, which is attached to your wrist when you want to catch a ball.


PTSD Stress Disorder and the Nature of Trauma

If you are undergoing trauma and most people do at least once in their lives, then it is going to be very difficult to think clearly. You will be more susceptible to others' influence, especially the media. Recognizing, understanding, and finding ways to heal from the trauma will move you forward so you aren't vulnerable to values, ideas and opinions that you don't really share.