Reading List

There's always more to read than there are hours in the day or days in the week or weeks in the month get the picture. Specific books, reading lists, journals, articles, etc.


New resources added monthly-ish...

Ability Maine/MCS Guide

Living with challenges.


Books from Happy Homesteader 

Old list, but pertinent. Homesteading, etc.


Chemical Reaction Puzzles Doctors

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Article by Lisa Stiffler in the Seattle Post Intelligencer Report from August 19, 1999. Proof this has been going on much longer than one would think.


The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation

Recommended books & DVDs on Chemical Sensitivity


Considerations for the Diagnosis of Chemical Sensitivity

Article from the 1980’s describing studies from the prior 16 years in order to encourage the study of chemical sensitivity.


Journalists and Tragedies 

A 40-page guide to help journalists, photojournalists and editors report on violence while protecting both victims and themselves. Another older resource, but valuable. Pertinent for those who need help not turning away from pessimistic news and the tragedies of climate change and cultural shifts.


Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association

Environmental books.