Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Overview Part 1 of 7

Multiple chemical sensitivity can go by any one of a number of different names: MCS syndrome, environmental illness, idiopathic environmental intolerance, chemical AIDS, total allergy syndrome, TILT1 and a few others not listed here. For this website, I use the term MCS. I’m not including electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). EMR/EHS can present similar symptoms 2, but the remedies would be different. Since I have no personal experience with EMR/EHS, I prefer to focus on MCS. That said, “MCS is a disorder in which a person develops symptoms from exposure to chemicals in the environment.”3 Based on personal experience, I would add to that definition my belief that everyone has symptoms from exposure to chemicals. Most just don’t realize it. They seek treatment and get a diagnosis for a variety of other diseases, maladies, and conditions. People who claim to have MCS as a disorder are seeking to get at the root of their symptoms and have come to identify exposure to chemicals as the source.


2. for a definition and description)


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