Self-empowerment comes from taking actions that are good for you, for others & for the Earth. With information and tools, people rise to any challenge and act in positive, sustaining ways.



The mission of Little Suzie Homesteader is to provide resources for living in a chemically-laden world so you can become a healing force in your life.  


To provide information about resources that any sane person could use.

For resources to be low-cost, no-cost as much as possible and easily accessible.

For any product recommended to be organic, holistic, sustainable, and personally tested. 

To eliminate negative drama by focusing on positive solutions. 

To be as accurate, unbiased, honest, and trustworthy as possible with news, research, recommendations, etc. 

To admit mistakes and misinformation quickly. MCS is a moving target. We can't know everything and will be surprised and disappointed. We'll adapt and move on. 

To always, always, always suggest checking with YOUR personal physician before trying anything. No exceptions.