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Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat

Grand Mother's University

The Green Divas — fresh ideas for sustainable living

Chemical Sensitivity

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)

Chemical Injury Information Network

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Part 1

Multiple Chemical sensitivity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? (MCS)


Climate Change
America's Climate Choices: Limiting the Magnitude of Future Climate Change - YouTube

Carbon Conversations | Six friendly, practical meetings to help you halve your carbon footprint

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions | Working Together for the Environment and the Economy

Climate Change Adaptation Task Force | The White House

The Ecologist- Environment, Climate Change, News, Eco, Green, Energy

US EPA Climate Change

Forecast the Facts

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Take a Bite out of Climate Change » Resources

Food, Farming, & Agriculture
Center for a Livable Future - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Council on Foreign Relations- U.S. Drought & Rising Global Food Prices The World’s largest organization of food & nutrition professionals

Ecology Action-Grow Biointensively

Environmental Working Group

Factory Farming, what is factory farm? - The Issues - Sustainable Table

Farmworker Justice

Keep Antibiotics Working

MOM's Organic Market

The Nutrition Source - Harvard School of Public Health

Slow Food USA

Sustainable Table

Vermiculture-Texas A&M

Will Allen-Growing Power



Dark Optimism

Jillian Michaels